Maribeth Batsford, CARC, ACC, ELI-MP https://AdirondackRecoveryCare.com

Maribeth is a Certified Professional Coach. She guides men and women who desire to live a truly addiction-free life, see beyond the limitations of an "in recovery" mindset through the power of self-direction, self-awareness and self-compassion.

Here's Just Some of What You Will Learn..... 


  • Taming your inner critic: Learn simple strategies that you can use right away to create the mindset you need to overcome that snarky inner voice of addiction, "The Rebel Within", that zaps your motivation and breaks your resolve.
  • Why you have lost control and how to get it back:  When you understand the link between thoughts, feelings and actions you will no longer feel like you are acting without conscious thinking. You can "Take Back Your Power" and your control.
  • How to transform the voice of addiction into the voice of awareness: See how developing and sharpening self-awareness can strengthen your ability to recognize sticky situations that might cause relapse, confrontation, hurt feelings, or damage to already fragile relationships. 
  • Recognizing if its time for a drastic change in your life: Here you will take a look at how your values help define who you are, what you really want in life, and what you absolutely must do to get there.
  • Putting it all together: Maribeth will reveal the 4 mindset shifts she made using these strategies and principals to soar beyond the "recovery mindset" into living and loving a truly addiction-free life.

Plus so much more....